How to safe website from hack

1- apply JavaScript on input Feilds do not accept special chrectors
2- use mysql_real_escape_string() to get input fields values
3- select values from database by username then compre db username and password with input username password .
4- after check above you can make sure no one can hack your website

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  1. i just want some advice like this.i don’t know about website and hacking.but i learned something from here.

  2. Thanks for needy post at wanted are something different from other did your work as simple and easy to understand.

  3. I have a website like almost yours. My problem is so many Ads shows on all the pages. So i looking to search about hacking tricks. Finally i found it from you. Its simple and effective.

  4. You are taught the lessons about the hacking for me.because i don’t know about hacking and others.but you explain that details.

  5. How the hacking are done on website by hackers?how to they known our username and password?

  6. It’s very simple Mr.Tran garrison.there are so many hacking tricks are available on net.but if are using above Mr.uspmca method you would be safe at ever.

  7. We all are be careful with this hacking techniques. This will cause many problems for all of us. All we should be careful from this hacking. Thanks to your thoughts here. Useful and needed one.

  8. Hello There. I found your blog using Google. This is a very well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info.

  9. Excellent. This site gives lot more needed info. I just amazed about this site. All are very needed one.

  10. I strongly believe that hacking improves day after day.i would like to have more much needed information from your side.

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