How to make a database that can only save the data not able to delete and update

Make archive database for that


you will be able to select and insert


you will not able to update and delete


this type of database mostly  used in transactions like banking transactions , order payments in case of shopping site,etc



Thank you

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  1. This information is very needed for me.I’m a student .i want to know such a thing like this.

  2. i have e shopping site.i want to make my data to undelete and to build a database like my own thing?

  3. I am new to SQL. I didn’t know about Full concept of SQL. I knew only the basics. So i planed to learn SQL through online. Here your Post somehow help me.

  4. Creating database using SQL is very easy but it can be easily alter whenever we need to change its value. But here your coding shows slightly different concept.

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